After my knee replacement, Denise went beyond the usual assistance with strength and flexibility, to help me re-establish a normal positive gait pattern after years of maladaptive habits.  I now feel like I've gotten the maximum benefit from my new knee.  Thanks Denise.
Jan Lokken, RN, Certified Massage Therapist

After my first visit to Denise for treatment for pain in my rotator cuff, I walked away a new person!  In one visit, Denise was able to remedy a plethora of chronic pain issues in my upper back, neck and shoulder!  She taught me how to properly use certain muscles in my back that were not being engaged and, for the first time, all of my pain issues in this area are now under control.  I walked out of her office feeling empowered that these pain issues (that I've had for 16 years) will be just a memory.  I'm amazed at the results that I've had in just 24 hours!

Thank you, Denise!

Bruno C Grunau

Physical Therapy